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ZEUS CONSULTING S.A., established in 1992, is a leading service and consulting company operating in the IT and Management sector. Located in Greece with offices in the European Union, the Balkans and Turkey, the company has the size, the know-how, the technology and the infrastructures to meet all the challenges providing total quality solutions to private and public research and commercial developments. Clients and Partners from SMEs to giant Companies and from small municipalities to international organizations.

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The Information Technologies constitute the peak of ZEUS CONSULTING knowledge and expertise. The company covers the following sectors: e-Governance, Mobile Computing, Systems of Knowledge Management, Platforms for e-work and e-learning, Cloud computing, Service-Oriented Architectures, Multimedia applications, e-Commerce, e-government, Cyber-security, and Safety of ICT Systems.

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ZEUS is among the first European companies that used extensively the internet technologies. ZEUS created the first commercial internet WEB server in Greece with the use of Microsoft technologies.


ZEUS is the first consulting company in Greece that applied the methodology of BPR - Business Process Re-engineering in industry.


ZEUS CONSULTING S.A. created the first node for e-working in Greece.


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H2020 2016-2017: Areas of Activity and Topics of Interest

International Cooperation actions: ICT-39-2016-2017
EU-Brazil Joint Call: EUB-1-2017 “Cloud Computing”, EUB-2-2017 “IoT Pilots”
SME Instrument - Open Disruptive Innovation
Fast Track to Innovation
Excellence Science
Future and Emerging Technologies (FET): FETOPEN-1-2016-2017
Societal Challenges
SC 1 - Advancing active and healthy ageing
SC 3 - Smart Cities and Communities
SC 6 - ICT in modernizing the public sector
SC 7 - Digital Security: Cybersecurity, Privacy and Trust (DS)




Selected Research and Development Projects

R&D projects showcase

  • FP6, SME-30015, TeRIS

  • FP6, IST–002307, ASPIC

  • FP5, IST-35464, GRASP

  • EC, 3W3S-IAP-26653

  • FP5, IST-32298, STATUS

  • FP5, IST-26336, REGNET

  • FP5, IST-10091, EXTERNAL

  • European Parliament, STOA work programme 1998

  • EC, DG XXII Work Program 1998, 17/1998

  • Leonardo da Vinci Pilot, No: I/96/2/275/PI/II.1.1.b/FPC

New Ideas

CoT-an IoT ecosystem

Sep , 2016

A multi-layered ecosystem of interconnected informative carriers that deliver information in an easy customizable way..

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ISDE-Intercultural Social Digital Environment

Sep , 2016

A smart application creating an open-friendly environment for users from all over the world in order to make simpler and easier habitants’ and travelers' social adjustments in different multicultural societies.

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SIS-M2M system for water and e-power saving

Sep , 2016

A simple, “sensitive” & intelligent M2M system for use in managing effectively both water and energy overconsumption.

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SPIOT-Smart Platform for Intelligent Objects Tracking

Sep , 2016

An open, global, unified, integrated, flexible, expandable and interoperable framework based on IoT technologies for full control and supervision of Supply Chain Management process, focusing on fruits, vegetables and food cases.

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Lifesaving Cloud Open Platform

Sep , 2016

A new application of Cloud and IoT technology, designed to help first-responders and paramedics gain instant access to critical medical information in an emergency.

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Scientific Excellence in Developing Countries

Sep , 2016

A service-driven digital research Cloud-based environment, tailored to the specific needs for 25% of all scientists, covering the complete research process and providing them with state of the art research management and data analysis tools.

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